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The Bachelor is famous for its shock and ‘eww’ inspiring dates. Most of these dates are set in international locations, and in almost all episodes at least one girl will express her disdain at the food.

 The recently concluded episode was no exception. Colton takes the girls on a date to Singapore where the ladies enjoy a crazy shopping spree and then it was time to visit “The Leech Lady.”

Leech therapy is a centuries-old tradition in most Asian countries. The benefits of leech suck blood out of you are so high that people are willing to pay for the privilege. When leech sucks your blood, it also pushes out anticoagulants, blood thinners, and anti-inflammatory proteins into the blood. This helps reduce pain and allows better blood circulation.

Because of these benefits, leeches are also used in the medical setting as a complementary treatment of many diseases. People with cardiovascular diseases and even cancer are administered Medicinal leech therapy (MLT).

While leech therapy may come as a ‘yuck’ moment to city dwellers from the west, it is a time-tested technique. The Bachelor has put it at the forefront of common people.

Leech therapy has been making rounds in the hospitals for many decades, and some pharma companies are making medicines out of leech secretions.

There is another use of leech therapy. They use squirmy worms to treat patients who have undergone plastic surgery. The effect of leeches is so great that the FDA considers them as a medical device. Almost every plastic surgery involves leaving behind some deoxygenated blood in a few places.  If untreated, they may clot and cause further harm. Leeches solve this problem by sucking the blood and restoring the blood flow pathways.

There are a dozen other ways doctors use leech therapy in the medical field.