Are you looking for a failproof way to get people interested in your business, or even in a specific product? Then the best tool that you can use is a good whiteboard explainer. These are pretty inexpensive to make compared to other types of explainers and they are also a lot less time-consuming, which is definitely a bonus. Making these videos yourself is also pretty easy if you have some good guidelines to follow which is why in this article we are going to give you a few tips on how to make your whiteboard explainer videos better, so make sure to keep reading.

Give the traditional elements a twist

The thing that makes whiteboard explainers so familiar are the three iconic elements that they have, the white board, the pen and the hand holding the hand and drawing on the board. And while these elements are definitely something that you should always include in a whiteboard video, what you can do is add a little twist to them. For example, instead of having a black pen, you can change the colour and instead of having a human hand drawing on the board, you can design an animated one. This way you will make sure that you have the elements, but the video will still feel like it’s something that represents you.

Add a pop of colour to the video

Although whiteboard explainer videos are usually in black and white, and that is definitely something that you should try sticking to, there is always a way to make the video even more your own and in this case that is by adding pops of colour throughout the video. These colours should be something that will remind people of your business, so consider using the company colours, and the key is to not over do it. When we say pops, that is exactly what we mean, so make sure to add the colour in small elements throughout the video and not to overpower it.

You them to educate people

The fact that these videos are so recognizable and have such great, fun elements to them makes them the perfect tool to use in order to educate people. Coming up with a fun story and really interesting characters, adding those pops of colour but still remembering to keep it traditional, is a great way to keep people entertained while watching an important message, and everyone knows that people learn a lot better when they are entertained.

If you are looking for a fun way to tell a story and play on people’s emotions, then whiteboard explainer videos are the perfect thing for you. As you can see by the easy tips that we gave you, making them is not complicated at all when you know where to begin and what to focus on and we hope that this article has given you a boost and encouraged you to make your own whiteboard explainer.

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