When speaking about explainer videos, what usually comes to people’s minds is a video with some really great animation that is telling a certain story or is presenting a certain idea. With this in mind, it is really easy to see why animated explainer videos are the most popular ones out there and why so many people are thinking about getting an explainer of this kind for their own business. There are a lot of great things about animated explainers, but in this article we are going to talk to you about a few of our favourite things about them, so definitely make sure to keep on reading.

1. No need to hire actors for these videos

If you decide to go for a live action video, for example, then one of the things that you will definitely have to do is go out and look for the perfect actors for your video. Apart from this being a weird process because you are most likely not used to this kind of thing, finding the right people can also be very time consuming and also quite expensive, especially if you are working with an agency that represents actors. The great thing about going for an animated explainer is the fact that all of your characters can be made to fit the video, so finding someone that will fit is definitely not a problem that you will have.

2. No need for any location shoots or set building

Continuing with what we were talking about above, another one of the things that you don’t have to worry about if you want to go for animated explainer videos is building any kind of sets or spending a lot of time looking for the perfect location what will complement the story that you are trying to tell with your video. When your video is animated, the sets are another thing that you can create yourself and make them fit the story, and that is definitely something that will save you a lot of time and effort.

3. Perfect for explaining complex things

If you have a product, a service or simply and idea that is abstract or complex, then there is no better type of video to explain it than a good animated explainer video. The animations can add the necessary fun element to any complex issue and that will make it much easier for the viewers to understand what you are trying to tell them, while making the whole process fun and thus making sure that the viewer will actually watch until the end.

If you are looking to make a video that is interesting, that will have a really fun effect and that will be completely educational at the same time, then there is no doubt that animated explainer videos are the right choice for you. We hope that the great benefits we talked about above will make you see how much you can gain from this type of video, and more importantly, how much your business can benefit from this type of video.

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