The 5 Killer Free Explainer Videos Software for Startups

Ignoring an explainer video in this era is like planning to fail. It is like the way BlackBerry ignored the smartphone revolution. The option gave room for Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and other smartphone companies to dominate the mobile device market.  

If you are an observant business person, you can acknowledge the beautiful and cute effects of failing to comply with a revolution- losing customers to your competitors. However, a subscribing to a new trend is not a cheap either. Notably, for new entrants and startups for obvious reasons – budget constraints and low customer base.

Nevertheless, developers understand these challenges – their companies and organizations were on the same foot at one moment. As such, they came up with free explainer video software to enhance your current adoption without any expenses. Here they are: 

Windows Movie Maker

Are you using a Windows operating system? Probably, you have it on your laptop or PC. If so, you may have come across the movie maker software and wonder what it is all about. This software is one of the free tools you can use on your explainer video making the journey. Moviemaker enables you to edit your videos without any hurdles.

Also, the tool enhances your video organization. For instance, if you want a certain music clip or voiceover to play on a given time, the tool can help you to do it. Again, you can create a photo slide video with a voiceover or a music clip. However, the software only enables you to make simple videos and thus it may not be the best option for making profession videos. Nevertheless, it is a good option for entrants and startups.


Animatron is a perfect explainer video tool for startups and new entrants. The software comes with a bunch of animated characters that ease your video making process. Also, it is easy to use for people with little video making skills. As such, you do not need to add the cost of hiring a videographer to do the work. The software is suitable for making product demo videos, presentations, and social media video posts. Notably, the provider offers you a free option. In case you need more features, you can subscribe to the premium plan which goes for 15 dollars per month. Thus, it is affordable.

My Simple Show

Of course, the reason why you are looking for an explanatory video is to share your products and brands information in a simple way – just a simple show.  This software comes with explainer engine that enhances your video production. The engine allows you to write, visualize and to develop wooing videos that everyone falls in love with.

Also, you do not need to be an expert in the video production field. The platform offers you quality and reliable resources to guild you through the video making process. It has templates for creating intros and how-to explainers. If you want a cheaper option that is affordable and better than the free one, you can subscribe to their basic paid plan that starts at $5.99/month.


Are you dealing with professional solutions and services? Or else, you are seeking an option to create explainer videos for presenting precise information such as financial and HR reports? Powtoon is a good idea in this case. The platform comes with drag and drops images meaning you do not need to enroll in a video production class to use it. Also, it has both free and paid options which makes it stand out from the rest. Hence, if you need free explainer videos for formal purposes, Powtoon is a sure bet.  

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